Saturday, July 10, 2010


Things that make me happy...

starbucks gift cards
a clean house
my doggies
cleaning out my refrigerator
the picture in my head of my dad walking me down the aisle
bffs that really know me
wedding planning
my little niece ella and my new niece or nephew on the way
getting my car washed
non cheesy leopard print
when ricky does the dishes after I cook
winning national champ's with my dance kids
my dance kids amazing families
babies laughing
cheat day venti coffees from starbucks
new kick ass pumps
anniversary sales at nordstroms
my bridesmaids
new candles
working with my mom and being so close to her
having an offer on our house
days off in the summer when I can sleep til 10 and not feel bad
pink nail polish
summer days spent in sun dresses
going to the grocery store for a big trip
snow cones
floating in the pool
my future in-laws
Erica's beach house
living a life I can be proud of

and anything else I forgot. I live a very blessed life and most of the time I forget to count all those small blessings, but today I will count a few!

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