Thursday, July 22, 2010


Monogram's and Embroidery.... 2 of my favorite things. I am borderline obsessed and don't feel like there can ever be too many monogrammed items in one's position. I have always been a fan and have several bags and blankets embroidered and now have a rekindled obsession with my approaching new last name on the horizon.... a new reason for embroidery! Ekk! I am a little concerned for my future kids things, al least they will always know it is their stuff due to the fact that their name is sewn on it! I was so excited to win the Three Monkeys Monogram giveaway the other day and snag these two beautiful hand towels with my soon-to-be last name initial on them and much to my surprise a special little cross hand towel thrown in as well! Pink, animal print and embroidered... could it get any better? Head on over to the Three Monkeys blog and check out all the cute stuff she has for everyone!

Speaking of giveaways… tomorrow is the last chance to enter my giveaway! I barely have anyone entered so your chances are great to win! Guess not many people like rhinestones as much as me!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Cute hand towels! I am obsessed with monogram things too! :)