Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Please excuse the short post today...

My parents are having a halloween party tonight and my day is going to be filled with making a pumpkin barf guacamole, making sweet nutter butter ghosts and baking 48yummy mummys, oh and finguring our what Spencer and Heidi would wear if they were going to my parents party tonight...

Oh and pick up dry cleaning for tomorrows wedding, clean kitchen, spray tan... and maybe shower ;)

Happy Halloween Yall! Hope it is a fun and safe weekend for all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life Lately...


Did ya miss me?!

Today is one day shy of a month break from blogging. Not that I planned to take a break, there has just been a lot going on lately.

One of the sweet families at the dance studio lost their 17 year old son in a very unexpected accident. They have three other children; 2 that are very active in our studio and one that is college aged. This was of course an unbelievable loss for this family, but also for our dance family. Ryan was a great brother and was always around cheering on his sister or playing a part in their family car pool. Needless to say he is greatly missed. Over the last month I have spent my blogging time doing laundry for the kids, cooking meals for the family and organizing help for them, clearly that was my priority. But now, as they start the healing progress I finally feel like blogging again. So here I am...

I can't believe in a few days November will be upon us... so scary!

October was a crazy month! I didn't even have one weekend 'off.' And by off I mean with out something to do for one day.

It was an exciting month however!

Here are some of the things that occupied my weekends...

My first Bridal Shower with my dance studio students and here with my sweet hostess...

Showing off my china!

Ricky and I's trip to Chicago for his 10-year reunion...

and to visit our BFF's Matt and Alli (Allison how did we not get a pic together the entire trip)

SMU Homecoming in which I was cheering on the sidelines... I do not have any pics of this, because after 10 mins there was a tornado and we had to evacuate... only in Texas.

Any 2 of my student’s competition in their first pageant - we got 1 winner and 1 1st ru... not too shabby, congrats girls!!!

And this weekend won’t disappoint –
Friday -Halloween Party at my Parents
Saturday- Pageant Friend’s Wedding
Sunday-MPFO Brunch followed by Halloween
Whoo-hoo I am glad to be back!