Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cocktail Dress Love Affair....

I must have been a princess in another life or maybe just a fab socialite; because I have a small obsession with cocktail dresses. If I could wear one everyday, I would... however, that might make teaching dance to 3-year-olds more difficult. And though my years of Miss Texas and as a frequent wedding guest I have managed to 'need' a new one for every event so in all actually I probably have enough that I probably could wear one every day (with only one or two repeats)!

Well on the eve on the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (another post entirely, ekk!) I scoped out a few of my favorite cocktail dresses for this season and praying (yes, God believes this is important) they are all discounted drastically. Because ya know with wedding plans in the near future I am SURE I will NEED just a few more. So, don't be surprised if you see some of these beauties gracing my body at showers, our engagement pictures, maybe our rehearsal and who knows what else!

Which ones do you like?


Heather Sturgis said...

The third one down is AMAZING!!! I love it! It would be perfect for any of those occasions and I would totally buy it if I had somewhere to wear it :) they are all super cute but that one is for sure my fav!

Lindsay said...

Uhhh I love every single one of those!! Ahh dresses are so much fun!