Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful all year long....

I wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving to write my T-Day post. Because let's just face it, nothing makes me feel more warm and fuzzie inside than a house decked out in lights and trees! Not to confuse one holiday with another (no worries there will be a separate holiday decor post) but there is just something that hits me in the days after Thanksgiving that really makes me realize what I am thankful for. But more importantly than when I make this post is the reminder to be thankful throughout the year, not just on Thanksgiving Day. I know I tend to get wrapped up in everyday stresses and often forget to slow down and enjoy life along the way.

Now the list spreads from trivial to grandiose and I am sure I will forget a few things, but right here in this moment, this is what I am thankful for:

- A career that I love and a business that is booming
- My beautiful doggies
- Hugs and kisses from my beautiful niece & that my future niece is growing strong and healthy in my sis-in-law
- Starbucks
- Great friends who really know you
- An awesome relationship
- My staff
- My memories of my grandparents
- A wonderful home
- Supportive parents
- The love of my life - and that he totally gets me and brings to the table everything that I am lacking - we are a perfect whole
- Having my mom as my boss
- Christmas music
- Mani/Pedi's
- My beautiful bridesmaids
- My brothers and their wives and kids
- Fab accessories
- My ability to and love of dance
- My fiancĂ©’s family and how loving and welcoming they are of me
- Being a daddy's girl - still, at nearly 27
- Everyone that is helping me plan the wedding of a lifetime
- Love & Life and so so much more!

Happy Thanksgiving - all year long!

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