Thursday, April 28, 2011

That's Mrs. K to you!!!

Hey Guys! I am back - I mean really, truly, no wedding to blame my stress on, BACK! Whoohoo! And I am officially a married woman! I thought the best way to kick off my blogging rebirth (hehe) was to give you a highlight into the most wonderful day of my life! And to give a shout out to my wonderful photographer Stefani at Tru Identity Designs! The day was perfect - the weather was wonderful, all my favorite people were there and at the end of the night I was married: success! All of this was captured perfectly by the wonderful, amazing and oh so talented (not to mention so cute) Stefani. Seriously ladies if you need an amazing photographer for engagement, bridal or wedding pictures she comes highly recommended from me. Not only did she capture every shot that was important and more, but she was on time, professional, calming, and had the amazing ability to make my groom smile naturally! Snag her while you can!

Please check out some of our ceremony pictures here on our photographer's blog and I promise a reception post and LOTS more blogging to follow from me!
Love you all and thanks for hanging in there with me!!!

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Stefani Peterson said...

Thank you Jordan for your sweet words!! I loved your wedding day and was honored to be the photographer :)