Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monogrammed Mayham

I don't do anything in life half*** - I mean, half way... I either go big or I don't go at all. This has proven true with my love of leopard print, my realization of rhinestones and my monstrous obsession with all things monogrammed/embroidered. Seriously people, I LOVE a good monogram!

And with my new last name coming in just 4 months I am trying to embrace any and everything monogrammed - now as crazy as I might sound or that my fiancé might argue that I am - I do know where to stop. My house has 'hints' of leopard print and while I may have more hints that others; our home certainly does not look like the animal kingdom... yet :)

The same applies to embroidery -

As far as bags go, there is no limit, because clearly we only carry one bag at a time. Here is one that I am loving right now:

As far as clothing goes - robes and after shower wraps are a must - how else are we supposed to tell the leopard print robe from the dull black terry man's robe? Can I get an amen here people!? Here is a pic at my bffs wedding last year and the lovely leopard monogrammed robes she got the girls as gifts. So cute!

And this is from my other BFF at my last bridal shower - do these girls know me or what?!

Now household items are a little different. This is where less as more comes into play. You could seriously do your entire house, but I aim for the 'hints' here and there or for one big bang. Here one of my high school friends Melissa whet for the big bang approach and I LOVE IT!!!

And our new little ice bucket that I just got! Whoohoo!

Here are some other monograms I love – not that you should do all of these by ANY means!

With Christmas coming up and a birthday right before feel free to check here for my monogrammed wish list! :)

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