Sunday, June 27, 2010

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...

Hello Blogworld, sorry for my short term hiding. I have had a crazy last month, but am almost done... I promise!

I don't think I have touched base since before Memorial Day! Wow! So bad.

Well my fiancé was working on a big trademark project for the BBB so he was taking out laptop into work everyday, excuse 1 why I haven't been able to write.

Then for Memorial day we headed to the beach with some of our dear friends, Ricky's Best Man and his girlfriend Erica, for a much needed weekend getaway. It was a blast, but also served as excuse #2.

Then we put our house on the market, #3...

I had my recital... so amazing but seriously like 4 days of nothing but work. #4

Then I had a week off whoo-hoo.... But Ricky has been studying for the bar, so while I was pool side and off lunching with friends he was working on the good ole computer. #5

And then I had the most insane week of my life. We started back summer dance, had nationals rehearsal and had Miss Texas Dance Troupe rehearsal.(excuse #6, #7 & #8)

So today and tomorrow I will be wrapping up the Miss Texas biz, Wednesday I will leave to take my kids to nationals for a week and THEN I will be WHOLE HEARTEDLY BACCCCKKKK! Whoo-hoo! I can't wait. Maybe, just maybe we should do a giveaway to celebrate my return!

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