Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Wow... it feels like forever since I have been here. Don't hate me, sorry! These last few weeks have been crazy for us. Ricky has been working on some important stuff regarding trademark laws for the BBB and has taken our laptop to work almost every day, boo. Not to mention we have been getting the house ready to put on the market TODAY... and having done it for the first time I think it is more work than actually moving... and I am over it! ha!

However, we did have a wonderfully refreshing weekend away with some great friends and were able to celebrate 6 years of dating bliss together. Whoohoo! So glad that we will be newlyweds during the so called '7 year itch'! I promise a full recap later this week of our trip to the beach with Ricky's Best Man Jon and his sweet, sweet, sweet gf Erica!

I am a little overwhelmed with all of the fun, exciting, exhausting stuff going on in June... here are a few of the highlight... hope we get though it and that I have a few moments to blog between them all!

June 1st - House on the market!
June 1-9 - Last 2 weeks of dance!
June 13 & 14 - DCJ Recital!
June teens... - Ricky study's for Bar Exam, summer dance starts, Find a home, book a wedding band, REALLY start the wedding diet...
June 30 - Ricky's 28th Birthday (and I really old enough to be with a 28 year old?! I’m in denial about my own age I think!!!), Miss Texas Pageant, Divas National's Competition

Whoo- that's all for now! Here is to a slower month than May! ;)

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