Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Late Mother's Day to my awesome mom! Yes, I know it is a day late - but we did spend all day together... at a dance competition! Whoo-hoo! Oh well though, we swept the competition so it was a great gift to my mom! Her dance won top senior solo, and top small senior group; mine won top large senior group, and top production number; and another one of our teachers (and one of my BFFs & MOHs) had her dance selected for the chorography showcase with 3 other dances. We also had dancers that won most talented and most ready to be a professional! So needless to say, it was a pretty fab mother’s day at competition.

My mom and I always celebrate Mother's Day by having High Tea at the Adolphus. It is wonderful and so so calming; something we both could use a little more of in life! We started several years ago when I took my mom and grandmother for the first time and we liked it so much that it stuck. Last year was the first time that Mother's Day tea happened without my grandmother being around, but we love the tradition so we kept going; but in her honor this time. I truly love this event and I know we will continue the tradition for a long time! I am already looking forward to having my own little girl who can join us with this event... even though that will be a LONG while before that happens! :)

I also got my first mother’s day gift from one of my dance kiddos... sweet little Lollipop Lauren (whose solo won 1st overall mini solo the day before). Love her - and she knows the way to my heart because I got a wonderful little pedicure from her. Thanks Lauren!

This is her performing her cute little solo... Lollipop!

It's true I have a ton of kids; Doug & Daph and about 300 little dance kiddos!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone that is a mother so something or someone (kids, dogs, husbands, students, fill in the blank)!

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