Friday, May 7, 2010

Fabulous Friday: Doug & Daphne

With Mother's Day just around the corner I wanted to dedicate this week’s Fabulous Friday to my little fur children, Doug & Daphne. Having never had a pet growing up I had no idea the amount of love and joy that a dog could bring to your life. Well let's just say that they have far exceeded any expectation I ever had for a furry four-legged pal.

Ricky and I got Doug about 4 years ago. His full name is Douglas Haffell (the glass half full is you say it really fast), we knew from the start that he was a very optimistic dog! We rescued him from the SPCA - he came from a home were the owners had over 300 dogs. Now the only house I've been in with that many other girls was my sorority, I didn't pity him. But seriously, he was severely neglected and had to scavenge for food & water daily.

I'll never forget the first time I saw him; Doug was #218. I wanted a Jack Russell so bad and apparently the previous owners had a thing for them too, because on the news they said that all 300 dogs were JR's. So off to the pound we went to pick out a dog. And there he was, the one non-JR... but he was so cute. We took him to a private room to play and I asked my then boyfriend, how do you know if he (the dog) is the one (not knowing that eventually they would both be 'the one'). Ricky said ‘whichever one you pick up and take home is the one.’ I thought it was kind of heartless at the time, but now I think it is so true. So after a few weeks of rationing food for himself our sweet little Doug finally realized he would keep getting meals 2x a day for the rest of his life. Years later he is still very timid, but such a cuddle bug! And now he loves his food and eats fast... enter Daphne...

After we had Doug for about a year he was suffering from severe separation anxiety very badly so our vet recommended that we either get Doug a playmate or put him on Prozac. So enter Daphne (Daphne O'Deal - Daph O'Deal). Our sweet little 'mini' beagle, or so we thought. We brought home a little 8 week, 3 pound beagle and she was the perfect playmate for our little Doug. She was the perfect size friend for Doug for about the first 3 months... then our mini beagle grew into the 30 pound, alpha dog we now know and love.

My sweet little girl dog grew into a huge bully of her big bro... but we love her none the less. It actually works out fairly well, with Doug being such a scaredy cat.

Our little pups are best buddies; they will often play for hours and even cuddle together when sleeping. But the thing that makes them so FAB is the love they have to give. My life would not be the same without these little pups! There are always there to offer unconditional love for me and lots of wet little kisses. Seriously, dogs are WOman's best friend!

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