Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding Update!

Well we have less than year officially! Guess I should get on that wedding diet stat! ha... seriously though, haha.

We ended up having to push back our wedding date one week because the chapel we wanted was booked on our date. I feel like it was fate though because I am so happy, actually thrilled with the way things have turned out. We will be getting married at Perkins Chapel on the campus of SMU. This is very exciting for us because of course SMU is where Ricky and I met and fell in love, not to mention were we donated over 100k in tuition dollars between both of our undergraduate degrees and Ricky's JD. Oh well, right!?

We are so so excited about our reception venue as well! It is totally crazy and fun and totally US! What could be better!

Even though we are still 11 months from our wedding date I am so ready to do all the "fun" stuff! We picked a few hotels this last week and I am so excited about the suite all my girls will be getting ready in. It is called the Mary Kay Suite at the Anatole and as cheesy as it sounds it is all sorts of pink wonderfulness!!! I can't wait.

I am so ready for CAKE tasting, yum, and showers.... so fun! Even though we don't need to register for some time I already have thought some about it. Our plans are to register at Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond and Crate & Barrel.

The whole registry process seems a little overwhelming!? Good thing that have lists for that sort of thing now!

OK friends - help me out... What was the best thing you registered for, the thing that you use the most or most unique. And what was the worst, something you never use or that was a waste!?

I would love to hear any helpful hints you may have!


renee said...

Register for some nice silverware from crate and barrel. Something to use other than your everyday stuff. I registered for some at Crate and Barrel and use it whenever we have fun dinner parties. Because our everyday silverware gets little spots that the dishwasher leaves on them etc.

renee said...

Also we registered for a fancy wine bottle opener- this is by far the 1 thing that we use ALL the time.

TexQueenie said...

I am SO excited for all your "fun" stuff too!! You are simply gorgeous and I can't wait for the big day!! So is it now March 19th? LOVE YOU!!

MelissaAggie98 said...

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Have a great weekend!